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女性, 29, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
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女性, 30, Broomfield, Colorado, United States.
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i am here looking fort a real relationship and someone to spen d the rest of my life with


男性, 44, Beijing, Beijing, China.
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Hello special friend, my name is narcissus an new in this site I came across on your profile, and I found it very interestin g,i will like you chat me on my email [narcisusmasibay25@gmai] I have so much to share with you thank you


女性, 31, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China.
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想找一个有责任心而且真心爱我的男人结婚,要求要有良好的素养,有爱心,愿意帮助别人;有一定的经济基础,体贴细心,为人和善诚信, 如果你是真心交朋友的话,可以先做朋友,后面一切随缘
真诚的希望在这里能找到自己的另一半, 可以相互扶持,组建新的家庭,漫漫人生路,持子之手,与子偕老


女性, 29, Jiading, Shanghai, China.
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我是一个性格开朗的女孩,比较喜欢瑜伽 健身 美容,平时无聊的时候当然最大的爱好则是找个安静的地方看书或者是去商场购物!


女性, 30, Shanghai, Shanghai, China.
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Meeting you is my greatest blessing.


女性, 31, New York, New York, United States.
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I am proud, confident and a happy person and I know what I wan t in
life. I have a clear vision and mission for my life and I am always on
the go for it. I am a Virgo, straight forward, a nd goal oriented. I am
well educated, alert, financially stabl e and a successful
professional. I believe that love, respect and trust are the bases for
a successful relationship. I also believe that God has someone special
for everyone out there. S o I came here to find my special one. The one
that I can make love with, laugh with, talk to for hours , share my
excitement s and fears and the joy of life with. Someone that we both
sta nd by each other in good times and bad. Someone who will bring the
best out of me. Someone very special that we madly fall i n love with
each other!


女性, 33, Changsha, Hunan, China.
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My name is Xu Yan from China in 1986, 167cm, 51kg. I am a wo man with elegant temperament, self-confidence and optimism, an d good overall quality. The skin is white and tender, graceful , quiet, elegant, filial, and ethical. Female traditional virt ue woman. I want to make a strong man. Willing to make friends with foreigners, make friends, exchange photos


女性, 62, Guilin, Guangxi, China.
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大学退休教授。喜欢旅行 摄影 健身。