jiayingzheng: Love don't regret

Love don't regret

九月 19 2012 在 18:09
Love is happiness, not regret. Had inadvertently hurt others, perhaps once hurt by others, but I still insist, never regret. Yes, the feeling of love sometimes very pain, the pain of the deep and eternal; However, love is sweet, sweet let you can enjoy a life; Miss day very sad, every minute like a years. However, the yearning day is full, a man in mind life more life, more meaningful. Betrayal is very cruel, hurt very deep. But, still do not regret, love is his chosen, people in the world far more than never, since love, is edge's a, the world never meant, or there is no points, far more than in, then we have the fate apart, and can expect? Love, is happy, is good, Love, will not regret. Love, this is not haggle over profit and loss; Love, this cannot distinguish the weight of the pay how many; Dispute, that nature is love into the past time. Pay, willingly, because love. So at the end of the time, also don't regret what, dispute what, just for that once had love. Break up time, please do not recall, once, you were paid how big of truth, or how much money, how much sweat. Because, you pay, he is also in the pay, you pay at the same time, also have get; You may pay a love, he didn't, the material is completely satisfied; Maybe he had no money, for you have deep leisurely, to your love diligently; But perhaps more bad, you are in unrequited love, he even didn't care about you, then don't regret, it is not belong to you of fate, there must be a to belong to your waiting for your visit, as long as you no longer indulged, you also have, even more precious, that is difficult to come by for love a cherish, then love will be more strong beautiful. Don't miss you have lost, because he was losing. You lost youth, he also lost the same time, although the women's youth more valuable, but whether man or woman, the person's life, after all, quite length; You lose the love, also he has lost its, after all, love each other each other is really pay, difference but he than you first find a more appropriate, then, don't balance, wish it, beautiful mood and good love, will let you quickly find your own happiness; If he even never loved you, then he lost is a happiness opportunities, is losing you such a good girl (boy) love, he lost more than you, because at least tried, so the results are not how we can grasp, and tried will not regret it, because even carry a torch, it is also beautiful, maybe some beautiful, but beauty is beautiful. Love is happiness, not regret; Love is beautiful, not hurt; Ever have is beautiful.



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