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Static empty to 2

三月 6 2015 在 00:06

Dim the network for a period of time, haven't tap their own words, soul wandering at the edge of the text, has become my a habit. Only both habits, and habits of the harness, all need a patient, a insist! Habit of colorful, abstract and concrete, a wisp of does, a heart; A moment of low eyebrow, knead twist skirt of silk; Hot boiled poem text, to month chanting; Even taste The Times to be alone can also become a habit! A period of time, a persistent, brewing into a habit, can be just fine, bad, but light can be hidden, can be simple can be heavy and complicated, can be short can be eternal. Habits from dependence, however, break off a cruel dependence is always a huge task, therefore, don't get into a habit. Silences, action life, bit by bit all the scenery. Moon spring flowers, Mr. Xia winter snow, to the best of beauty; Waxing wane, flowers bloom, heaven and earth are all a hotchpotch of creature. Life has a complete, also have regret. Sadly and often carrying pride and the temptation to act as a winner in life, so full of frustration, Looking forward to become a regret, feel dejected; Real regret, regret regret! Sorry but actually is a outstanding margin, since the unfulfilled, through memory always pounding heart, always bring lost of words. At this point, ao however store is just a self-deceiving lofty, the fun of distance will be endless distance away, so learn to accept and face!!! Regret actually sometimes is also a kind of beauty, like brokeback Venus, give the world a unique touch, litter flowers away is not the spring, and is only part of the corner of fragrance and beauty, at a turning point in life, is the colorful brilliant spring brightness! Inner challenge of heaven and earth, life traveler, had a brief life is intended target trip, just to appreciate the scenery in the trek! Travel in a sense, is also a kind of release, from the youth travel, not in the center is full blown, in the days of walking, learn to bury them one by one! The vast space-time, leaving the footprints of a long, when the time of appearance old, hidden worries all the way back, I miss a warm city, would you want to be a beautiful time, once so rich!



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