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Static empty talk

三月 6 2015 在 00:04

Always wanted to write a big piece of text, but can't afford to recall the dribs and drabs of himself. Have been looking for ways to put before the forgotten, tried many methods, finally in vain, deliberately forget, will only more pain. Before those who sin. Night after night confession. Through their resentment. And night shall not sleep peacefully, is young impulse? Maybe live is not serious enough, a lot of spending his short life and youth, if he is a capitalist enjoying any money. The past is disappeared after all, is no longer come back, after all is a gray. Once those sad, unscrupulous in side, invisible. Once these days some people some thing always in the eyes of a roller coaster, always thought the story there will always be unexpected, they want a quiet, like a child, but, but, after all, the bottom is not the past. Remember things too much, forget too much, not equal to forget themselves, perhaps this is fate, from do not have the habit of reading novels before, but now likes to read so many novels, along with the plot to break out. Compliment the author of the novel style of writing, and can write the emotion so real, so deeply engraved on the sad. Actually, know is transparent, but don't want to open the door, don't know whether quiet an, or the decline of the free edge. It happened that is so bad, but always can't see that the deepest resentment, less than a his serious illness, gray is not clear. Didn't think of yourself or back, back to the memory of the city, or no change in all, the road lined the street, the scenery is still in yesterday, the only change is the person's mood, did not have the original passion and love, instead of only a hint of sadness, no longer see once the familiar with the city's laughter, in the misty rain bit by bit, no reason to leave tears. Insufficient thousand care? Here and the city made me sad, skeletons in a desolate, can't afford to have here once the most familiar weaving, but heart will eventually pull pain, tears will still recklessly. The city is not belong to me, and all this happened without thorn to the memory of the deepest pain, deep hidden, that year lost love lost himself. Now need most is in fact in my side, my parents, my friends, see the feelings. I love nostalgic, want to put these unnecessary things, will be stunned himself. Ever thought, shut the door waiting for the last, the world open for him, but it's still playing with the a reality. Life is given half sin to marriage. Now have too many things, also follow broken, choose forgotten. Think about it, tonight, or forgotten himself!



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